Perch series

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    What is more poetic and elegantly captivating than a bird perched on a branch, flirting, singing and celebrating life? We all recognize this image and steal a moment from our precious time to admire this triumph of nature and beauty. Please note: Your payment does not include customs duties, local…

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    Look up, into the soft light, follow the fluttering sound and sparks of movement. A bird is gracefully balanced on a tall metal perch, beautiful and proud, a swinging glimmer of warm light… yet you are inside, after daylight has faded, under the spell of the Perch Light Floor Lamp!…

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    USD $199.00

    The Perch Light Table Lamp, the smallest of its family, holds its own particular charm. You may admire the details of its delicate beauty and follow the light swinging of the bird from nearby, while comfortably seated. What’s more, you can easily set it in motion with a gentle touch…

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    Made of folded paper and brass, the Perch evokes a feeling of freedom. Let the graceful bird swing and glow with joy. Just beware that it might just spread its wings and fly away… Please note: Your payment does not include customs duties, local taxes or any other import costs. If…

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