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Lighting Design of InterContinental Hotel Beijing Tongying Center / GD-Lighting Design

Story in light and shadow

InterContinental Beijing Tongying Center is located at the core of Sanlitun, a gathering place of both fashion and culture. During the day, there is a hustle and bustle of people here; at night, the lights are brightly lit, and the lights are shining, reflecting the hustle and luxury of the metropolis..

The Intercontinental Hotel at Tong Ying Center pays attention to fashion, technology and future development, and strives to build a flagship store of a fashionable lifestyle brand with a new yuppie style.

Hotel and entrance

The InterContinental Hotel at Tongying Center is 150 meters high, using a large-area floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall, which is presented in the shape of a “honeycomb diamond” cut surface, which is very design. At the entrance, a huge hexagonal double-glazed awning deeply depicts and displays the honeycomb shape of the building.

The lighting designer combined with the architect’s ideas, using the cooler tones of “Tiffany Blue” as the main color, using ultra-white glass and wired glass to wash and blend the light to create a distinct sense of hierarchy, which is completely different from the surroundings The colorful lighting atmosphere of other buildings has great visual impact.

Two huge glass boxes combined with special custom-made screens with built-in crystals are symmetrically distributed at the entrance of the hotel. Under the action of light, they appear delicate and warm. There are countless crystals of different sizes and crisscrosses built into the screen. These crystals are washed and brightened by the upper and lower linear lamps, which are full of three-dimensional effect, crystal clear, and shining. The hotel is always showing the fashionable, gorgeous and luxurious quality of the hotel to the endless crowd.

This is a “space for making stories”

Entering the hotel, the tall one seems to go straight into the bookshelves and screens in the sky, feeling like the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter, full of a strong sense of decoration and drama. Installations, sculptures, and ornaments are everywhere, living in harmony between retro and modern. In order to avoid the oppressive feeling of the tall and empty narrow lobby, light strives to express a tactile effect in this space. Where the light reaches, it leads the eyes to the subtlety and the careful thought of design, which is worthy of careful consideration.

Dining space

The hotel’s 7 restaurants have different styles, “Ying” Chinese food, “Ying” cuisine, “Hot” bar and “Hot” Spain, “Yi” steakhouse, beer bar and dessert shop. Each restaurant has a personalized dining space and innovation. Avant-garde cuisine concept.

Guest rooms and presidential suites

The 300 rooms of the hotel are mainly modern and avant-garde style, but also exquisite and warm. The most distinctive feature is the circular layout, which turns the originally rigid 45 square meters into a very artistic and avant-garde, and the space is more open and convenient. The open-style wardrobe, with grey-based color matching, is like being in the showroom of a trendy store. The lighting design uses various indirect lights hidden in ceilings, corners, and screens to make the space unique, low-key and elegant

Executive Lounge

The executive lounge is bright and elegant. The warm and layered light unifies the entire lounge area in a very comfortable light environment. Layers of luminous bookshelves, glass screens outlined by light, and warm and comfortable rest nearby The area is connected in series with the linear light strip on the roof. The uniform and changing light makes people taste this mellow light while tasting wine.

The interior space of Tongying Intercontinental Hotel is magnificent and elegant. The lighting design meticulously studies the matching of lighting, decorative details and materials, and it is almost integrated with space decoration. The use of a large number of indirect lighting decoration languages, together with interior design, composes a pleasing scene.

The hierarchical lighting blog frame divides the space with various plot paragraphs. The unique texture of the lighting screen also allows the spaces to penetrate each other, interspersed with virtual reality, and modernity reveals tenderness; it seems that in every partition, every one is resting and resting. There are wonderful plots in the corners, which are writing unique light and shadow stories belonging to the hotel…

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